Sergey Korolyov, R.I.P. – Cause of Death, Date of Death, Age at Death

The engineer Sergey Korolyov passed away at age 59, this age of death has to be considered premature. What was the cause of death? Below is all you want to know regarding the death of Sergey Korolyov and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

The lead Soviet rocket engineer and spacecraft designer in the Space Race who, most notably, launched Sputnik, the first satellite in space, in 1957. However, he died before he could help put a Russian on the moon before the US put one of their own on the planet.

He grew up displaying an aptitude for mathematics and he attended the Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

Before becoming a key figure in the Soviet Rocket Program he was arrested for alleged mismanagement of funds and was imprisoned in 1938 for almost six years, including some months in a Kolyma labour camp.

How did Sergey Korolyov die?

Information about the death of Sergey Korolyov
Cause of deathN/A
Age of death59 years
BirthdayJanuary 12, 1907
Death dateJanuary 14, 1966
Place of deathN/A
Place of burialN/A