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Andrew Goodman – Cause of Death, Date of Death, Age at Death

The civil rights leader Andrew Goodman passed away at age 20, this age of death has to be considered saddening. What was the cause of death? Below is all you want to know regarding the death of Andrew Goodman and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

One of the three American civil rights activists assassinated by the Ku Klux Klan in 1964 during Freedom Summer to register African-American voters. The events after his death were dramatized in the 1988 film Mississippi Burning.

He originally wanted to study drama with some experience as an off-Broadway actor, but then became interested in anthropology and politics.

He left New York do assist in the development and training of civil rights strategies at Western College for Women.

How did Andrew Goodman die?

Andrew Goodman's death was caused by assassination.

Price turned the trio over to the Klansmen who, after beating Chaney, shot and killed Schwerner, Goodman, and Chaney. An autopsy of Goodman, showing fragments of red clay in his lungs and grasped in his fists, suggests he was probably buried alive alongside the already dead Chaney and Schwerner.

Information about the death of Andrew Goodman
Cause of deathAssassination
Age of death20 years
ProfessionCivil Rights Leader
BirthdayNovember 23, 1943
Death dateJune 21, 1964
Place of deathPhiladelphia, Mississippi, United States
Place of burialMt Judah Cemetery, New York, United States

Quotes by Andrew Goodman

"The road to freedom must be uphill, even if it is arduous and frustrating."

Andrew GoodmanHow did Andrew Goodman die cause of death

"The current neglect of the problem can only irritate this deplorable state of affairs. The Black Muslims should constitute a warning to our society, a warning that must be heeded if we are to preserve the society."

Andrew GoodmanHow did Andrew Goodman die cause of death

"A people must have dignity and identity."

Andrew GoodmanHow did Andrew Goodman die cause of death

"Whoever moves into a community has a vested interest in it."

Andrew GoodmanHow did Andrew Goodman die cause of death