Richard Brautigan, R.I.P. – Cause of Death, Date of Death, Age at Death

The novelist Richard Brautigan passed away at age 49, this age of death has to be considered premature. What was the cause of death? Below is all you want to know regarding the death of Richard Brautigan and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

An American fiction writer and poet known for his frequent use of satire, black comedy, and parody, he is most famous for his 1967 novel, Trout Fishing in America. His other well-known works include In Watermelon Sugar (1968) and The Tokyo-Montana Express (1980).

He grew up in the Pacific Northwest and wrote for his Oregon high school’s newspaper during his teenage years. In 1955, he was diagnosed with both clinical depression and paranoid schizophrenia.

He died of a self-inflicted .44 Magnum gunshot wound to the head.

How did Richard Brautigan die?

Richard Brautigan's death was caused by suicide.

In 1984, at age 49, Richard Brautigan had moved to Bolinas, California, where he was living alone in a large, old house that he had bought with his earnings years earlier. He died of a self-inflicted . 44 Magnum gunshot wound to the head.

Information about the death of Richard Brautigan
Cause of deathSuicide
Age of death49 years
BirthdayJanuary 30, 1935
Death dateSeptember 14, 1984
Place of deathBolinas, California, United States
Place of burialN/A

Quotes by Richard Brautigan

"I didn't know the full dimensions of forever, but I knew it was longer than waiting for Christmas to come."

Richard BrautiganRichard Brautigan

"Probably the closest things to perfection are the huge absolutely empty holes that astronomers have recently discovered in space. If there's nothing there, how can anything go wrong?"

Richard BrautiganRichard Brautigan

"I'll think about things for thirty or forty years before I'll write it."

Richard BrautiganRichard Brautigan

"All of us have a place in history. Mine is clouds."

Richard BrautiganRichard Brautigan

"I'm in a constant process of thinking about things."

Richard BrautiganRichard Brautigan