Michael Nader – Cause of Death, Age, Date, and Facts

The actor Michael Nader passed away at age 76, this age of death has to be considered respectable. What was the cause of death? Below is all you want to know regarding the death of Michael Nader and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Michael Nader Net Worth: Michael Nader was an American actor who had a net worth of $1.5 million at the time of his death. Michael Nader was born in St. Louis, Missouri in February 1945. His first role came in the movie Beach Party in 1963. Nader starred as Siddo in the TV series Gidget from 1965 to 1966. In 1983 he starred as Alexi Theophilus in the series Bare Essence. Michael starred as Dex Dexter in the television series Dynasty from 1983 to 1989. From 1991 to 2001 he starred as Dimitri Marick in the soap opera All My Children.

How did Michael Nader die?

Michael Nader's death was caused by cancer.

They never did, and Nader sued the network, alleging that they never intended to bring him back to the show at all. Nader died on August 23, 2021, at the age of 76 at his home, ten days after being diagnosed with an untreatable form of cancer.

Information about the death of Michael Nader
Cause of deathCancer
Age of death76 years
BirthdayFebruary 19, 1945
Death dateAugust 24, 2021
Place of deathSan Francisco, California, United States
Place of burialN/A