Michael Collins – Cause of Death, Date of Death, Age at Death

The astronaut Michael Collins passed away at age 90, this age of death has to be considered impressive. What was the cause of death? Below is all you want to know regarding the death of Michael Collins and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Pilot of Apollo 11 who went on to become the director of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. He was a part of the Gemini 10 mission as well.

He joined the U.S. Air Force and flew F-86 fighter jets in France before being accepted into the U.S. Air Force Experimental Flight Test Pilot School.

He served as Vice President of LTV Aerospace from 1980 to 1985.

How did Michael Collins die?

Michael Collins' death was caused by cancer.

On April 28, 2021, Collins died from cancer in Naples, Florida, at the age of 90.

Information about the death of Michael Collins
Cause of deathCancer
Age of death90 years
BirthdayOctober 31, 1930
Death dateApril 28, 2021
Place of deathN/A
Place of burialN/A