Anthony Lewis – Cause of Death, Age, Date, and Facts

The journalist Anthony Lewis passed away at age 85, this age of death has to be considered impressive. What was the cause of death? Below is all you want to know regarding the death of Anthony Lewis and more!

Biography - A Short Wiki

Pulitzer Prize Winner for National Reporting in 1963 for his coverage of the Supreme Court.

He was Managing Editor of the Harvard Crimson while attending Harvard University, where he graduated in 1948.

He was widely considered to have created the field of legal journalism in the U.S.

He had three children with his wife Linda Rannells, whom he divorced in 1982.

He received the Presidential Citizens Medal from President Bill Clinton in 2001.

How did Anthony Lewis die?

Information about the death of Anthony Lewis
Cause of deathN/A
Age of death85 years
Death dateMarch 25, 2013
Place of deathCambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Place of burialN/A

Quotes by Anthony Lewis

Americans who visit Tuscany or Umbria love the landscape: the silvery olive groves, the fields of sunflowers, the vineyards, the stone houses and barns.

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Congress has shortchanged not only foreign aid but foreign policy. A mistaken notion that diplomats are unimportant and hence undeserving of support grips conservative legislators, especially.

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There are values of humanity, culture, beauty, community that may require deviations from the cold logic of market theory.

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The only way to security for Israel and a humane life for Palestinians in their own land is political. No matter where the fault for past negotiating failures lies, there is no other path.

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Freedom under law is hard work. If rulers cannot be trusted with arbitrary power, it is up to citizens to raise their voices at injustice.

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